Since its conception in the late-1900s, the internet has revolutionized the way humans work and collaborate with one another. The effects of globalization are prevalent in today’s society - we can now call our loved ones with the push of a button even if they were located on the other side of the world; writers can now publish their works online and reach an audience of millions; heck, entire companies were founded by fully-remote teams that are scattered all across the globe.

It is without a doubt that many industries are being disrupted by the advent of remote collaboration tools, and the creators of these tools (Slack, Zoom) have gone on to raise tens of billions of dollars in venture capital funding. The music industry is no different - the presence of platforms like SoundCloud and Dropbox has made file-sharing and remote collaboration between producers and artists possible in today’s day and age. However, there has yet to be a single, unifying platform for producer-artist collaboration - a Slack/Asana for the world of music, if you may.

Introducing Sedge.

Big Picture

Sedge is a project management tool for music producers and artists that streamlines their music production workflow and allows them to collaborate effectively. While the big picture of Sedge is to become the Slack/Asana of the music production world, the initial MVP will target the revision and review process and how to make it more hassle-free.

Sedge project management file sharing music production Ableton DAW FL Studio Logic comments
Sedge's beat-level commenting allows users to comment on tracks without making an account.

With Sedge, listeners can comment on tracks without making an account, while users can review those comments directly from within their preferred digital audio workstation (DAW). Sedge's Version Control also helps users to keep track of multiple versions of a song without having to sift through thousands of messages just to find that one SoundCloud link from a couple of months ago.

Here's a demo that shows how Sedge can help you manage your music projects by integrating seamlessly with your existing DAWs like Ableton:

Watch Sedge in action in this demo video

Bridging the Gap

With the advent of technology, producers can now collaborate with clients and other artists without having to step foot out of their own house. However, like all remote work environments, communication - or the lack thereof - can be a huge issue. Currently, producers and artists are using makeshift solutions to collaborate with one another - on one hand, producers use SoundCloud to share different versions of their edits with artists, and on the other, artists use Google Docs or the Notes app on iPhone to work on their lyrics. As a result, there is a level of disconnect between the two, which Sedge aims to mitigate.

To better understand how Sedge can help you improve your music production workflow, here's a journey map that shows the whole process of sharing an edit, collecting feedback, and building on that feedback - without using Sedge:

Sedge music production project management file sharing tool journey map
User journey map of a music producer who doesn't have Sedge

And here's that same journey map, but with Sedge in the picture:

Sedge music production project management file sharing tool journey map
User journey map of a music producer who has access to Sedge

As you can see, the first journey map is rather disjointed, with the workflow split between different file-sharing and communication tools. This inefficient workflow limits the music producer's bandwidth, which reduces the number of projects that they can take on at a given time. This translates to lower profits, which is not ideal especially if you are a burgeoning producer trying to make ends meet.

On the other hand, the second journey map is much more streamlined, with Sedge acting as the single one-stop platform for producers to get the quality feedback that they need. With Sedge, there is no need for the producer to switch back and forth between SoundCloud and their preferred DAW to incorporate the changes specified by their clients.

Competitive Analysis

While Sedge's vision is to be the go-to project management tool for both music producers and artists alike, there are several other companies that are doing something similar in the music industry. The most notable example is Splice - a platform that offers a wide selection of royalty-free samples, loops, and presets for producers to use in their projects. While they do offer a solution for producers to share edits with one another, it is highly technical and sophisticated as it mainly focuses on producer-producer collaboration instead of the more general producer-artist dynamic.

To provide an analogy, Splice is to music producers what Github is to programmers, while Sedge aims to bridge the gap between producers and artists the same way Slack and Asana did with programmers and designers. And that is precisely what Sedge is - a project management tool for music producers and artists.

Sedge is currently in beta. If you are interested in signing up as a beta tester, feel free to sign up to our waitlist here.